Tuesday, 3 February 2015

                             SOME PICS FROM MY GRANNY 'S GARDEN IN KERALA
                                             KERALA- My beautiful homeland has a legacy of its own with lush green trees spread all round as far as you can see,that itself is a mind soothing experience.The scenic beauty,equable climate,the sprawling paddy fields,exotic wildlife,mesmerizing festivals,the luscious cuisine and the unique way of living makes it GOD'S OWN COUNTRY. According to me no place is as comfortable as my home and I am so lucky that I am blessed with 2 homes,my birth home and my husband's home.There is a common saying in malayalam "kannullapol kanintae vila ariyilla".(translation -when we have sight we wont value it,but once its lost we will value it the most)Now I realize how important our home is for us where we can step in without any time limitations, where we have our mother to feed us as much as our tummy demands, a father to take care of us and our dear siblings to fight ,share and love unconditionally.I miss each and everything related to my home and waiting eagerly when I will be back to the place where I truly belong.

passion fruit

african variety-cilantro

hot green chilly


bell pepper/capsicum


flower of long beans



vadamalli/globe amaranth/bachelor button