Monday, 10 November 2014

the vivacious vizag                                                                {  OCT 2014}

Vizag also known as the city of destiny is the third largest city on the east coast of India.This city situated in the eastern ghats and on the coast of bay of bengal is the commercial hub of Seemandhra.

                            We reached there by 2 pm.After having a light refreshment we headed to our first destination the KAILASAGIRI HILLS  on APTDC  BUS.  It offered ride at a reasonable rate.We could easily locate this place as there was a big hoarding  on the hill.It is actually a must visit place if you are in Vizag,for the variety of activities it offers,like the rope way journey,

panoramic views  of beaches

toy train ride around the hilltop ,giving a 360 degree view of the city.,

mesmerising view of the beautiful city of vizag during the evening hours &
Apart from this the grandeur idols of LORD SHIV & PARVATHY ,larger than life lovely than day & night..!
one can enjoy the bliss of sunset along with the chillness of the breeze..the locals throng here as its a fun filled space to hang out with kids and family.By 9 pm we reached back to our hotel room and slept tightly.

Next day morning we got a chance to spend some time on the RK(Rama Krishna) beach. Being on beach is always a time of joy for me
Though the beach here is rocky ,the waves are small and can be enjoyed

and the small food stalls added to my anxiety.We munched on our  favourite snack manchurian

  and polished off 2 musk melon juices from a near by stall as the sun was showering his endless love on us..

By this time the queue for INS KURSURA MUSEUM was opened .It was yet another stupendous experience one can have in his /her entire life time.


We were very much eager  about our visit to INS museum ,one of its kind in India..As soon as we stepped in, the ex-navy officer standing  at the entrance gave a brief introduction &  then allowed us to explore the submarine all by ourself..While we walked towards different comparments mannequins were placed to give a human touch to a complex machinery  & officers  in charge explained to us clearly about the life in a submarine  .

It was indeed a mind blowing experience and hats off for the great effort of our indian navy and the sacrifices they do, so people like us could sleep peacefully..!

We spent some time in vuda park, the park of love, did little shopping and headed back to our room after a  day'z blast............

 Next day morning we set forth to have a divine experience .A temple on a hill top :SIMHACHALAM temple which is one of the most revered temple in Andhra Pradesh..

The main deity of the temple is LORD NRUSIMHA(LION-MAN INCARNATION) the 4th  avtar of LORD Vishnu.After getting a good darsan we had the privilage of getting the prasada too, the delicious pulihodara(tamarind rice).

Rest of the day was dedicated for exploring the delicacies of  andhra like

onion pesarattu(green moong dosa) served with sambhar & chutney

hyderabadi dum biriyani served with raita

SPICY ,andhra special chicken curry

  PIPING HOT hyderabadi irani tea.................

                                                                 After relishing the beauty of the city and its robust cuisine,it was the moment to bid farewell to this alluring city of VISAGAPATANAM...