Monday, 10 November 2014

the blu O bengaluru days                                                               

                   It was a fine evening on march 30 th 2013 when  my brothers decided to take us(me & my hubby) to Orion mall for an outing.All my cousins joined us.It was just a cherry  on top .I was soo excited  as it was my first time to a mall in bengaluru,the city of dreams.As soon as we reached there my brother told that he was going to take us to  BLU O BALLING ALLEY.

                       We were really struck by the awe-inspiring beauty and arrangements available there..Once the payment formalities were finished,which was a bit expensive though,we were given new pair of socks  to wear before wearing the bowling boots which was quite impressive.The ambience was perfect  as the  name suggested, the entire area was lit up by blue dim lights and even the staff were in blue uniforms. There were  10 + lanes  which were  very well maintained. The entire area was packed  with people.Facilities include clear score boards,couch,common table and chairs  for 2 lanes,live matches of various sports were displayed on big screens and  green rooms were very clean and hygienic as well.Next moment a group left the place & in a jiffy we  occupied there couch.
                         As soon as we settled down, a  staff appeared with a menu and we ordered a simple sparkling lime juice.Meanwhile my brother became our coach as the  girls were not much familiar with the sport. The loud music,dim lights were  add- ons to our adrenalin rush. He taught us how to hold the ball,how to swing  it and give a perfect  strike..Amidst of which we sipped the juice which made us glued in there.We can tell you it is a stylish and ideal place for today's youth.Their new concept of  dining and bowling together,indeed is an unforgettable memory.I bet you will get bowled over once you visit this place..
..............MY FAB FAMILY..................................LOVE U GUYS..................LUV   M&V...................
                                                                                                   mar 30 2013