Monday, 17 November 2014

                                           MY FIRST TRAVEL ON WINGS

          I got a chance to travel by air from Bengaluru to Mumbai,on  Aug  15th, 2013.I boarded my first flight from Bengaluru airport with my father-in-law to Mumbai.I was going to meet my hubby after long 3 months.Already my happiness has no bounds and on top of it I was to experience a journey by air for the first time.My brothers dropped us in the airport.After the security check at the entrance we went in straight to the ticket counter and we got our boarding passes.The child in me was so happy that  i got a window seat. Once again we passed through security checking and we waited at the terminal to board the flight.

                   Meanwhile, a lot of worries were flashing through my mind,like whether I will have air sickness or will I have a problem with my ears or nose likewise a long list followed. Still I managed to glue a smile on my face and sat patiently.By then announcement was made for the passengers to board  the flight. I could hear the  lub-dud sound of my heart. I had a mix of feelings whether to be happy or to be worried.We had our ticket verified and then a bus dropped us near our plane.

                 For the first time I visualized an aeroplane beside me .Oh..I felt as if a  mammoth bird resting majestically and welcoming us by stretching its grand wings.As soon as we got into the plane it was noisy ambiance in there as all passengers were restlessly in search for their seats and tucking there luggage in the cabin.All of a sudden everything became silent and I was struggling to  put the seat belt,somehow I did it. I called my father proudly to inform him that we were in the flight and within minutes the plane would  take off.

                 Meantime the cabin crew started  the instructions with demo about how to wear the belt and how to handle an emergency situation. The plane started by a roaring sound and for 1st few minutes it was just like a bus journey but then the plane took a turning after which the speed increased suddenly and butterflies flew in my tummy and adrenalin was rushing through my nerves making my heart beat fast and my hand becoming ice cold.Suddenly I clung on my seat tightly, closed my eyes and in a jiffy we were in air.I felt as if I was suspended in air.Then I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at my in-law assuring him that I was okay and stared through the window.

                                                                                         I was surprised by the view  of the city which  looked like a model and the roads like a line and vehicles like  the tiny toys.As the  air hostesses were  serving the passengers with drinks and chocolates, the pilot welcomed us & introduced his co-pilot & other cabin crew. I began to enjoy the view through the clouds.All of a sudden our eyes were blinded by fog and turbulence was felt.It was just like, we were in a ride in some theme park which swirled and churned us to all 4 directions.I wished to scoop the clouds passing by my side and enjoy its chillness on my cheek. 1 1/2  hours passed & I was in my own dream land.Then we  were told to switch off the electronic gadgets and to tighten our seat belts as were to approach the run way. Landing was a bit relaxing and exciting as well.We landed safely and all of a sudden I switched on my phone and received a call from my hubby that he is waiting to receive us.Finally I got to breathe some fresh air as we came out of the plane. Though the journey of my dreams ended, it was the moment for reunion and rejoice.